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Best Cars In India Below 10 Lakhs

Best Cars In India Below 10 Lakhs

Best Cars In India Below 10 Lakhs

Best Cars In India Below 10 Lakhs: -In case you’re in the market to purchase another auto and you have roughly Rs. 10 lakhs to spend, plus or minus a couple of lakhs, at that point you may get yourself spoilt for decision. It’s clearly not a terrible thing, but rather settling on a choice will be intense, particularly in case you’re not sure which fragment suits your necessities the best. There’s such a great amount to browse. You have hot meals, cars, MPVs, little SUVs and even a get truck on the off chance that you favor one. After much conceptualizing, we have figured out how to assemble a rundown of vehicles which we feel are the best autos in India beneath 10 lakhs out there right at this point. Look at it and do tell us what you feel about our rundown of best autos in India underneath 10 lakhs of asking the cost.



Our most loved among the best autos in India underneath 10 lakhs is the Ciaz. Maruti has made a stellar showing with regards to with its moderate size car. A swap for the SX4, the Ciaz is everything its ancestor wasn’t and that’s just the beginning. It would seem that an appropriate car since it hasn’t been gotten from a hatchback, it’s stuffed with components, it’s got tasteful insides, and the organization guarantees that the diesel adaptation, with the gentle cross breed tech, is the most productive of its kind in India conveying an asserted mileage of 28.09 kmpl!

Spec for spec the Ciaz is less expensive than the City and dominated the competition in our examination between the two. The motors may appear a bit underpowered however on account of astute equipping and canny torque circulation, the absence of energy is scarcely detectable. This is Maruti’s first really effective item towards the exceptional end of the market and furthermore the best auto to purchase under 10 lakhs in India at this moment.

Petrol Diesel SHVS

Engine 1.4 L (91 bhp-130 Nm) 1.3 L DDiS200 (89 bhp-200 Nm)

Transmission 5-speed MT/4-speed AT 5-speed MT

Mileage 20.73 kmpl/19/12 kmpl 28.09 kmpl

Value (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 7.73 – 10.52 lakh Rs. 7.89 – 9.57 lakh


Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., taking after years of advancement, propelled the Vitara Brezza minimized SUV in 2016 and it turned into a moment hit. It has figured out how to discover its way into our rundown of the best autos in India underneath 10 lakhs. It gets a keen outside total with SUV-like outline highlights, for example, the body cladding, level hat, squared off wheel curves, and so forth. The insides come completed in all dark and the rundown of elements is additionally exceptionally noteworthy. However, the greatest offering purpose of the Vitara Brezza is its cost. At a beginning cost of just once again 7 lakhs, it undermines its main adversary, the Ford EcoSport, by a decent edge. The SUV accompanies just a 1.3 L diesel unit, which puts out 89 hp and 200 Nm with an asserted fuel mileage of 24.3 kpl.



Engine 1.3 L (89 bhp and 200 Nm)

Transmission 5-speed MT

Mileage 24.3 kmpl

Value (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 7.26-9.70 lakh


Portage’s smaller SUV overwhelmed India with clients rushing to dealerships to get their hands on one. Such was its notoriety that Ford needed to stop reserving for a period in light of the fact that the rate of generation couldn’t keep pace with the request. Indeed, even today the EcoSport is doing truly well. It has the looks, it’s stuffed with components, being a Ford it’s great to drive and its got great motors. The SUV-like outside with a back mounted extra haggle ground leeway has been a hit with Indian clients and furthermore helps in handling our streets.

Best Cars in India Below 10 Lakhs – Car Buying Guide – Ford EcoSport

Inside there’s as much space a major hatchback and the component rundown is likewise very solid. Join that with awesome motors and incredible driving progression what you get is a vehicle that is difficult to blame. On the off chance that there is one blame with the EcoSport its that it is little by SUV models and toward the day’s end it is essentially a hatchback on steroids. The main issue with the auto is that Ford doesn’t offer the program transmission with some other motor aside from the 1.5-liter petroleum. Generally speaking, the smaller SUV from Ford is effortlessly one of the best autos in India beneath 10 lakhs at this moment.

Petrol Diesel

Engine 1.5 L Ti-VCT/1.0 L EcoBoost

(110 bhp-140 Nm/124 bhp-170 Nm)

1.5 L TDCi (99 bhp-205 Nm)

Transmission 5-speed MT or 6-speed DCT/5-speed MT 5-speed MT

Mileage 15.8 kmpl/18.9 kmpl 22.7 kmpl

Value (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 7.18-10.46 lakh Rs. 7.83-10.76 lakh


We feel the Hyundai Elite i20 is as yet the best hatchback in its section and that is the reason it finds a place in our rundown of the best autos in India beneath 10 lakhs. It’s shrewd looks, solid rundown of components and a solid diesel motor makes it a standout amongst entire hatchbacks at a bargain in India. Untouchable variations of the i20 can be had for around Rs. 10 lakh (on-street). Hyundai now offers the i20 in double tone paint plots too.

best autos in India under 10 lakhs Hyundai Elite i20

Petrol Diesel

Engine 1.2 L/1.4 L

(82 bhp-115 Nm/99 bhp-132 Nm)

1.4 L TDCi (89 bhp-220 Nm)

Transmission 5-speed MT/4-speed AT 6-speed MT

Mileage 18.6 kmpl/ – NA- 22.54 kmpl

Value (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 5.35-7.81 lakh/Rs. 9.07 lakh Rs. 6.65-9.06 lakh


Some may discover the incorporation of the Polo GT TSI in our rundown of the best autos in India beneath 10 lakhs shocking. Notwithstanding, for purchasers searching for an enjoyable to drive little auto inside a financial plan of 10 lakhs, there is nothing else on offer. One of the most blazing hatchbacks on special in India at present, the Polo GT TSI consolidates the standard auto’s common sense with execution. It is fueled by a 1.2-liter turbocharged TSI engine creating 103 bhp and 175 Nm of torque. That motor has been mated to VW’s 7 speed DSG double grip ‘box and what you get is auto that is a flat-out hoot to drive.

Best Cars in India Below 10 Lakhs – Car Buying Guide – Volkswagen Polo GT

The last facelift likewise improved the lodge a place to be in. Construct quality is first class and the auto rides well too hitting rates of 150 km/h easily. All things considered, there’s very little to separate the GT from the standard auto with the exception of an identification on the grille and a sticker on the C-column. The Polo GT TSI is somewhat costly and consequently, doesn’t speak to the masses.


Engine 1.2 L Turbocharged (103 bhp-175 Nm)

Transmission 7-speed DSG

Mileage 16.47 kmpl

Value (ex-showroom Delhi) Rs. 9.11 lakh

Best Cars in India Below 10 Lakhs – Car Buying Guide

Demonstrate Name Price (ex-showroom Delhi)

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Rs. 7.73-10.52 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Rs. 7.26-9.70 lakh

Portage EcoSport Rs. 7.18-10.76 lakh

Hyundai Elite i20 Rs. 5.35-9.07 lakh

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Rs. 9.11 lakh

So which one of the autos from our rundown of Best Cars in India underneath 10 lakhs intrigues you? Think we’ve passed up a great opportunity for an auto which you believe is more qualified to the rundown of best autos in India under 10 lakhs? At that point do tell us in the remarks area underneath. Additionally, stay tuned for more posts like the Best Cars in India underneath 10 lakhs include we have here.


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